Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I happened to have wrapping paper to match the card.  This was made for my grandson's 10th birthday.  

Directions for this card:
Start with an 8 x 12 pc of cardstock
on the 8 1/2" side mark at 2  1/2" on top and bottom opposite sides.
Cut the paper, you will have a wedge, one end will be smaller and the other end will be wide.
Make a light pencil mark down the center of these strips.  Stamp on both sides.
Score on the long side at 2" 4" 8" 10"  At the 6" pencil mark both sides.
Put both pcs together with wide ends matching, cut at the 2" score, right side on top pc and left side on bottom pc to the center pencil line..
Do the same rotating the cuts as you go down at the 6" (just pencil marks not scored) and at the 8" score. Weave the strips together and this will flatten to fit in an envelope.   Any questions, just email me at
I cut the stars and front banner  using the CTMH AP Cricut cartridge.  I also slide a gift card in one of the slots.
Think  of the possibilities!