Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Joyful Stars blog hop

Welcome to the :
We are so happy you could join us in our monthly blog hop. 
You will be able to hop from one blog to the next and get inspired by other Close to My Heart consultants.  I have a  list of bloggers at the bottom of this post where you can see the rotation, in case you get lost.  Enjoy all the wonderful ideas you will find in this hop.

I chose to share with you  this month a cascading heart card. I made this card for my Mother, I hope she likes it. Happy Mother's Day MOM!
I used Blossom paper from Seasonal Expressions book.

This could be a great happy birthday card or valentine's day card.

 I had so much fun making the above card, I decided to make a card for my Grand-daughter's 11th birthday. I used Confetti wishes compliments. 

If you want  measurements I posted them below or I would be glad to have a class to show you how.

Hop over to Betty's blog and check out what she has been up to.  Happy Mother's Day!  

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Heart Cascading card
Cut white cs 4x11" and score at 2 3/4  5 1/2   turn and put a mark at the center 2"  longest section
Cut white cs 3 1/2 x 8 score at   2"     4"        turn and put a mark at the center 1 3/4" longest section 
Cu twhite cs  3x6"      score at   1 1/2 x 3"     turn and put a mark at the center  1 1/2" longest section
Cut B&T paper 4x3"   4 x 1 1/2"  4 x 1" 
Cut colored cs for the front 4x3" (in this case Pear)
Cricut  Artiste
Pg 51 Accent 2 SHIFT Hearts (A Key)  
Cut hearts at   4"   3 1/2"   3"     2"  in white cs
Cut hearts at   3 3/4"  3 1/4"  2 3/4"  using B&T paper  (in this card Blossom)
Take the scored three white  pieces and bend the short flap front and place largest heart on the 
largest flap, glue just the bottom and cut off the side pcs so  you just see the shape of the heart.
Do this on all three.  Start placing them together using the center mark.  Glue on the B&T paper in between 
hearts.  Stamp the 2" heart and 3-D it at the bottom center.  All the other hearts should stand up behind it. 
Decorate the front anyway you want
Cut the bottom of the paper where the heart gets glued.