Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Santa card

I wanted to make Santa card using the CTMH rosette roses.   I also used the Artiste cartridge and the Art Philosophy. Here are the directions:

4" scallop circle card  white cardstock  B1 card             AP
2 1/2 colonial white circle                      A1                    AP
1 - 3/4 white circle                                 A1                    AP
1 - 1" mustache                     Accent 2 Shift M key       ART
3/4" x 3" white cardstock     corner rounded on all 4 corners
1/2" pink circle     punch or                  A1                      AP
1/2" red   circle     punch or                  A1                      AP
2 - 1/4"  black circles  punch or            A1                      AP

1 - 3" red cardstock               Accent 1   i key                 ART
                                                    fold up  1/2 " on  straight side
1 - 2 1/2 red                                        D9 Shift               AP   

Sponge all white and red  pieces with  slate or black lightly. No neeed to sponge wht card base.  Place the col white circle on the top flat edge of the card.  Cut off 1/4" from the bottom of the circle where the mouth is going to be.   On the reverse side of the mustache, glue the pink circle on the top and the red circle on the bottom, butting them up against each other. Put a foam tape  on the back of the mustache.  Glue 9  ribbon roses along the outer edge of the circle. Fill in with 7 more ribbon roses.  Give the Santa rosy cheeks with pink chalk or pink dauber. Place the mustache on top of the ribbon roses.Fold up the straight edge of the hat and glue the white  the 3/4" piece on top, glue the oval pc over to the right edge with the 3/4" circle at the bottom.  Highlight Santa's eyes with chalk marker and place just so they touch the edge of the hat.
 Glue hat in place.  

Optional: Prisma glitter on the hat brim and the pompom or a real pompom glued on the end of the hat.                                   

Art Philosophy  AP   numbers are 1-10 across the top and A-E down
Artiste    ART