Friday, November 8, 2013

Sparkle and Shine 12 card workshop

Join  me in Nov for this 12 card workshop.  The picture doesn't do these cards justice.  Sign up today...
Watch for the Nov blog hop on Sunday.  

Make these cards with sparkle and shine paper, washi tape, sparkles, bakers twine and My Reflections Complements.  Sign up for this class on Nov 25th at 1pm or 7pm   Register by Nov 15th.  Cost is $20

Picture My Life

New for the Spring is a sneak preview of what coming in the new catalog

 Picture My Life- the NEW, Close To My Heart scrapbooking program!

I'm SO EXCITED to announce a NEW sign-up promotion that can INCLUDE this NEW Picture My Life™ scrapbooking product line!!!!! J

If you have ever thought about joining our CTMH family as a business builder or even a hobbyist- NOW is the PERFECT time!!!J

Consultants who join the Close To My Heart family from November 1 to December 15

you’ll receive a

stunning new product,

the Picture My Life™ scrapbooking program— 

FREE*!! (retail value $24.95)! 

* To be eligible for the free product, the new Consultant must remit $300 in commissionable personal sales by March 31, 2014. (perfect timing with Christmas in 2 months & the NEW 2014 Spring Idea book going LIVE in February!!) 

There are 8 fresh and stunning design themes to choose from, each one featuring 122 double-sided, designed cards in a mix of 3" x 4" and 4" x 6", plus a 12"x12" cover page to bring your album together beautifully. You also get 10 Memory Protectors™ with new formats designed just for this program and lots of your photos.


***Wouldn't you LOVE to get this BEAUTIFUL new product Early?  

YOU CAN!!!  
It's the PERFECT time to JOIN MY CTMH family & get this AMAZING new product!!!  

As Consultants, we get a preview period 1 month ahead of our CTMH customers!!  So, we can see these NEW items January 1st, while our customers need to wait until the release date of February 1st.  Wahoo!!  Just one perk of being a CTMH consultant! (wink) 

Consider this when you join my team prior to Dec 15, 2013... 
  • You can start earning their Picture My Life program FREE right now when you sign up
  • when you order the Essentials Kit ($49) you qualify for this offer, you will receive more than $180 in products and supplies!!!
  • You will receive commission on all sales of items you purchase, all for just $49.
  • You also can earn up to $100 with our start up program called Straight To The Top
  • PLUS - my own personal special...see below!!!

  As a consultant, YOU decide how &and what kind of consultant you want to be!!!  Wahoo!!

****My "extra" special when you join my team..   
When you JOIN my TEAM from Oct 1- Dec 31, 2013 Jand stay an active consultant ($300 in sales each quarter)  until Oct 1, 2014…
I will give you $75 in SPC credit –which means
$75 in FREE CTMH products!! J

The new Memory Protectors™ will be available separately as well! They will come in several styles:
  • Top Load (4110, 10 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $9.95)
  • Top Load Value Pack (Z4115, 25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Side Load (Z1968, 10 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $9.95)
  • Side Load Value Pack (Z1984, 25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Strap Side Load (Z1969, 25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket for strap binding, no gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Design 1 (Z1324, 10 protectors – 6 vertical 6" × 4" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 2 (4113, 10 protectors – 6 horizontal 4" × 6" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 3 (Z1950, 10 protectors – 4 vertical 6" × 4" pockets & 4 horizontal 3" x 4" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 4 (Z1951, 10 protectors – 4 horizontal 4" × 6" pockets & 4 vertical 4" × 3" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 5 (Z1952, 10 protectors – 3 vertical 6" × 4" pockets & 6 horizontal 3" × 4" pockets each, $9.95)
NOTE:  The price is changing for the value pack that we now offer, so stock up now before the end of the year.