Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Double pleated card

Today we made a double pleated card, well actually we made 2.  Everyone got real creative and there was no stopping them.  We used La Vie Rose paper that has a black print on one side and a roses on the other.  The directions for this card are as follows:

Start with a 5x10" pc of background texture paper.  Score it on the long side at 1".....1/2" repeat all the way across. So you will have some 1" sections and some 1/2" sections.  Mark the short end at 2" and 3" with a pencil.  At the center 1" section put pencil marks there also, on either side of the score lines.  Make a diagonal cut from the 2" mark to the first mark on the long side. Do the same on the other side starting at the 3" mark.
Turn it to the other side and do the same.  Your paper will taper out from the 1"center to a 1" edge.  Fold accordian style, look at the examples, some are solid on the top and others are open.  There is no right or wrong just place it however you please.  You can even cut it in half and use it on 2 cards.  We mounted the pleated piece on a 4x5 1/4" cardstock.  

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Have a blessed day!
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