Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Blog hop

Welcome to our monthly Joyful Stars blog hop. Follow along and hop to see the wonderful artwork my team and friends have created.  There is a list at the bottom of this post, so if you get lost, just come back to me for your next hop.   

 I made this tree inspired by our Holiday gift guide,

The rosettes were cut from the Artiste cricut cartridge on page 50, using the new Sparkle and Shine paper from the Holiday gift guide..  The are several patterns to choose from, I liked the one with the holes in it.  The neat thing about cutting them out with the Cricut is that they are already scored for you.  If you don't have a Cricut (yet) you can make these by just cutting strips and scoring them by hand.
The measurements are as follows:  11 layers
2 1/2"  3 pcs each bottom 2 layers
2 1/2"  2 pcs
2 1/4"  2pcs each x2
2"        2pcs each x2
1 3/4"  2pcs each x2
1 1/2"  2pcs each x2
When making them into a spiral use 1"&-2" circles top and bottom. You can make the rosettes different sizes by squeezing them together tighter or looser.  I used a dowel to hold them all together, so in the circles I punched a hole the same size as the dowel  and stacked them all together.  Leave a space between each layer.  I secured them with a glue gun.  The base was a round piece of styrofoam which I hot glued to the dowel. Top with snowflakes, stars, a Cricut shape with words, etc.and add glitter paper snowflakes all around the tree.

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  1. Beautiful tree, Joyce! The snowflakes are a great touch.

  2. Cute Tree! Haven't made one yet.

  3. Great project! Thanks so much for giving the measurements. :o)

  4. What a lovely tree on display for the holidays!

  5. Great job on the tree. I have been wanting to put one together.